Something Special breaking with tradition

A celebration of life should be just that - a celebration. Whilst the ceremony is still the time for final goodbye's more and more it's a memory of the good times shared and enjoyed. Modern times allow for planning a ceremony that breaks with tradition.

Nowadays people are requesting funerals tailored to express the person that has died, or are planning their own services to be their ideal gathering. The days of Top Hats & Tails are fast becoming a thing of the past. Hymns are being replaced by songs, the everyday coffins are being replaced by bespoke designed picture coffins or eco friendly ones and the hearse options include motorcycles, trikes and even stretched VW Camper Vans - almost anything you can think of can be supplied. Even floral wreaths are being replaced with personal floral tributes, to express the personality of the person who has passed away.

We understand that attending a funeral at a church, or a crematorium, can make guests paying their final respects uncomfortable and even withdrawn. These types of tradition service venues can by definition feel like a morbid place. Axell-Eames can offer you alternative venues to hold your farewell in a place that makes everyone who is attending feel more comfortable. Venues could be at your home, in a hotel, a public house, or even in a barn. The sky really is the limit, and we will do our utmost to source the venue of your choice, or find an alternative, that relates to the lifestyle of the deceased. After all everybody is unique and everybody's life should be celebrated no matter how eccentric they may have been.

At Axell-Eames we pride ourselves on carrying out bespoke, and personal, celebrations of life in everyway that we can. We understand that losing a loved one is hard enough, so by customising a farewell to the persons' character is a great way to send them off in style, and remember the good times. We can theme the service on their hobbies, their interests, or even their musical tastes and will always incorporate as much detail as possible.

There is more good news as well - it doesn't have to cost a fortune. In-fact the cost can work out less than you could pay on a "traditional" funeral.

Call in, give us a call, or drop us an email to start the process with the truly local, independent and understanding funeral director - that can think out of the box.