Monumental Masons for the lasting memory

A memorial to a loved one can be many things. It can be a summary of a life, a tribute to things achieved or a remembrance of things enjoyed. It may simply be a last act of love for the one that has passed away.

Here at Axell-Eames we offer a Monumental Masonry service, providing the traditional churchyard headstones to memorial tablets. All of our stones are cut by hand or if requested cut by machine.

A range of memorial stones are available but please be aware that there are restrictions on the type of memorials allowed in churchyards, with the final decision being solely at the discretion of the minister.

After reaching agreement with the minister on the type of memorial that can be created, there are various steps that need to be fulfilled – some of which can take a considerable amount of time to complete, and require some payments to be made.

Churchyard, or cemetery, permits will need to be applied for whenever a new memorial is being ordered, or additional inscriptions are being added to an existing one. Sometimes the entire process can take 6-8 weeks, and until such time as the permit is received we are unable to commence the creation.

When everything is in place, the stonemason will be informed and the stone ordered, or arrangements for removal of the existing stone made. He will then inscribe the stone and inform us on completion. We will advise you once the memorial has been completed and we will arrange for it to be fixed into position, this relies on the weather and ground conditions.

In addition to providing new memorials, Axell-Eames undertake repairs, cleaning and additional inscriptions to any existing headstones.