Funeral Services for you, or your loved one


The environmentally-friendly "greener" option is for people conscious of the environment and the the size of their carbon footprint. A greener funeral represents an ethical as well as philosophical choice. We all want to do things to save our planet during life, so why not continue after life. Having a green or "eco" funeral can certainly do just that.

Burial Options

Green Burials mean that the body (which is not embalmed) is buried in an eco-friendly coffin: This allows it to return to the earth as quickly as possible.

A green burial can take place in a conventional graveyard or in a 'green' cemetery. All eco-friendly graves will be dug by hand without the use of any machinery, and will not contain any liners, ensuring that the body is as close to the earth, and returns to nature in the quickest time possible.

Headstones can sometimes be replaced by a tree or shrub, acting not only as a grave marker but also creating a living memorial and additional habitat for wildlife. Where this is not possible you should choose the smallest headstone available, made from local stone, engraved and decorated by hand.

A Burial Location

The nearest natural burial ground to us at Axell-Eames is currently in West Sussex, but soon there is to be one in our own town of Heathfield. Clayton Wood near Hassocks, is in 13 acres of beautiful, natural woodland. Remembrance trees are not planted on individual graves, but are planted together grouped in burial glades.

Each glade is different, so as to create a natural feel, however native wild flowers are planted on the individual graves to deter people from walking on them. These graves, in time, will join together to cover the woodland floor.

If you would like to be kept updated on the availability of the Heathfield Burial Site, please complete you details on our comments page available here.

Cremation Options

If you choose to be cremated rather than have a burial, you can still do your little bit to help the environment. Just by choosing a coffin from our eco-range reduces your carbon footprint.

There are several 'green' options when it comes to scattering your ashes as well. Cremated remains will sink into the sea, a river or a lake, in a bio-degradable container which is designed to break down naturally in a few days. Other options are available which we can be discussed with you.